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At Jack Poisson Law, the focus on client empowerment allows Jack to establish methods that enable his clients to determine their own course of action.  His definition of advocacy encompasses the role of "counselor at law".  Jack helps draw a complete picture for establishing satisfactory resolution to family and criminal legal issues.  Entirely different from therapy, he focuses on resolving conflict and providing tools to avoid it in the future.

When engrossed in the emotional turmoil of divorce and child custody battles, often resources are unnecessarily expended - sometimes much more costly than those simply monetary. Jack Poisson helps to guide his clients to wisely utilize emotional and financial resources toward the best outcome possible.

What is Empowered Client Choice?
Holistic Law Practices in Asheville, NC


People, and especially those involved in conflict, are empowered when they have the knowledge, attitudes and self-awareness necessary to influence their own behavior to improve the quality of their lives.  Asheville trial lawyer, Jack Poisson, shares information and knowledge with his clients so that they can take the initiative to make decisions to solve their problems.  Jack empowers his clients by helping them to gain skill, harness resources, recognize opportunity and motivation towards peacemaking.  He helps people in conflict to see their responsibility for the their actions, thereby enhancing a client's competence and satisfaction with their outcomes.

Holistic Legal Practice
Satisfied clients participate in their own resolutions

Jack has been active in Collaborative Law and Holistic Law groups since 2003, which strive to achieve peacemaking as a goal of the process of resolving legal disputes. While Family Law is his primary interest, he assists clients with other civil and criminal matters and does collection cases.

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Jack is an active member of The North Carolina Advocates for Justice (formerly the North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers) dedicated to "Protecting People's Rights". Jack is a trial lawyer who advocates dispute resolution through creative problem-solving. In 40 years of legal representation, Jack has tried numerous jury trials, both civil and criminal, in state and federal courts.

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